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Today, the challenges facing small business seem endless.

Finding the right talent,
access to funding,
contract negotiations,
cost control,
data security,
risk management,  
not to mention knowing how to best allocate your own limited time.

And the price for not addressing these challenges can be disaster.

Are you always looking for the time, resources, or experience to take on the crucial aspects so important to your business? we can help.

Dave Manning is a specialist management consulting firm focused on the fields of Inventory Control, Warehouse, Supply Chain, and Logistics design.

We help besieged and frustrated business owners and managers boost their performance and get control of cost and service.


We focus on the contributions of all your customers, ensuring service and cost alignment to meet profit objectives

Undertaken within a strict set of agreed upon boundaries to ensure that each companies information is handled with absolute confidentiality.

Custom Strategy

Our proprietary staged approach is designed to contain costs and enhance team  commitment.

developed with a senior cross functional team involved. this results in an “Mutually Exclusive and Collectively Exhaustive” documented Strategy, with actions plans, performance objectives, timelines and responsibilities.


Need help with the execution of the strategies we develop?

Dave Manning has extensive experience helping customers with the implementation of their supply chain strategy. Don’t be held back by lack of resources or skills, let us help you move forward with our experienced project managers.

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