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Advertising, Apparel. Telecommunications, Software, Real Estate, Manufacturing, and Logistics. These are among the many industries Dave Manning has helped during his extensive 20+ year career. He is a data driven, creative personality with a passion for technology,practical problem-solving thinking, and has an unwavering commitment in advising and helping business leaders optimize their internal operations, manage and run complex projects, and transform markets that run like clockwork
Dave Manning - Senior Strategist


Business Growth Strategy

"With impeccable character and integrity Ron and his team has distinguished themselves with excellence in all they touch.  From our journey together as my working relationship with Rononco and continuing to this moment, I enthusiastically commend him to you; your life and your enterprise will be better for knowing and working with Ron.”  Dustin J. Manufacturing and Distribution
"In the brief six months I have been working with Ron, my life changed dramatically. I went from a stressful life and a failing business, not being sure if we were going to make it to making a good profit and being someone who is doing exactly what makes me happy.  I couldn’t have done it without Ron’s coaching" Eric G., Financial Planning
“It was a pleasure working with Dave on this project. His efforts were extraordinary in creating the branding and sales material,bringing the vision of the Marketing and Sales departments to fruition in print and on the Web. His creativity and enthusiasm, aswell as his understanding of the technical requirements of our products, made him an invaluable asset to the team.” Caleb Greenberg Technology Sales Manager at Oracle Corporation
“Thank you for your efforts as part of the application team. Your talent and commitment on the project not only played a big part inthe creation of the documents and graphics, but also in the way you managed the ongoing iterations and the coordination with the rest ofthe team members.” Jill M. Scheidel Project Manager, AirTouch International
“Dave understands all aspects of the Real Estate Industry, giving him an outstanding talent for marketing a property and assembling a deal. His forthright honesty engenders trust and helps ensuresmoothly completed transactions and satisfied clients. It was a pleasure to work with him.” Doug Engel, President, First Marin Real Estate
Working with Ron was was invigorating and so educational. He had us generating more leads and closing more sales than we could handle. We are growing more this year then we have over the past five years." - Sharon L., Online Advertising

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Rononco Strategic Solutions

We are highly experienced business coaches who have worked in virtually every type of industry and markets. We work directly with our business clients to generate more leads, convert those leads into satisfied customers, and create more profit for the business.

Our 100% online learning platform  provides participants with our easy-to-access and revolutionary training platform that provides the information necessary to become successful in business.

The curriculum for this program contains the platform of weekly instructional videos, workbooks, and E-Classes covering the best marketing and business practices, fundamentals, and insights.